Monday, November 2, 2015


Are we sitting around hoping that our situation gets better and not asking God to intervene?

Gods word says that " you do not have because you do not ask... (James 4:3)".

What does this mean... to ask is to petition or inquire about something anything that is close to our heart, making a demand of God on what is already ours. In asking we are also required to trust God as he is the one who supplies our needs.

As a child growing up and even as a teenager I thought that I can only ask God for stuff that pertains to his will for me. So when I pray, I would ask God for health, strength and to take me safely through the day - stuff that is mentioned explicitly in his word. Don't get me wrong this is also what we can ask for; but I am also here to say that God wants to grant the desires of our heart.We go about wishing that our situations will change that our lives will go according to Gods will, but know that we can talk to God about anything and everything that concerns us. If what we ask for is not right for us then we wont get it.

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